The Guardian

The perfect fit

… and how to find it

Take your clothes shopping

“Get a garment you already own that fits well, and take it with you,” advises fashion technology expert Simeon Gill. “Just hold it up against the garment that you’re looking to buy, which will give you a reasonably good idea of whether it’s going to work.”

Know your measurements

Knowing these precisely, rather than just your vague size, can be a big help. “I always have a tape measure in my bag,” says Guardian menswear editor Helen Seamons.

“For a T-shirt, lay it flat, measure underarm to underarm, and the middle of the neck at the back to the hem.

“If you’re buying from a resale site, like Depop or Vinted, ask the seller to send you these measurements – but remember that some fabrics stretch more than others.” Bust, waist, hip and inseam measurements are also handy.

Look for different ‘fits’

Increasingly, brands are offering a range of fits, as well as sizes – such as Topshop’s “hourglass” range, which sits alongside its “petite”, “tall” and “curve” collections.

“The brand Asket does jeans in two ‘builds’: straight and curvy,” says Guardian styling editor Melanie Wilkinson, “and the latter is so much better for me.”

If in doubt, size up

It’s usually better to give yourself a little wriggle room. “Going for a slightly larger size is often a safer bet,” says Seamons, particularly on high street clothes.