The jury of Guardian readers

Should Alex stop farting in front of Astrid?





Astrid’s assertion that being friends and being in a relationship are mutually exclusive is odd. Alex can’t change the fact that he finds farting funny. But Alex, remember: no double standards. It is weird that you don’t find hers funny, as farts should have an “equal opportunity” if anything. Shristi, 21 Farting is natural and doing it in front of your partner shows you’re comfortable around one another. However, if it really disturbs Astrid and kills the sexual energy for her, maybe Alex should ease up on it a bit. Ishan, 18 This smacks of double standards. Alex thinks his farts are amusing and inoffensive, whereas Astrid’s are unsexy and stinky. Alex should make more of an effort since it really upsets his partner. However, everybody farts – Astrid needs to relax a little. Sara, 48 Farting is a natural bodily function like burping and going to the loo and, when in public, a simple “excuse me” suffices. We don’t always have control over farts and it is not always possible to stifle them. Alex should perhaps cut down on the jokes but Astrid should get real. Jane, 72 You can’t expect people not to fart, and it’s unfair to make someone follow a rule that you obviously aren’t following yourself. I understand that there’s more of a societal pressure for women not to fart, but surely it would be better if parties were comfortable with it? John, 36