Gynelle Leon’s Houseplant of the week

Boston fern





Why will I love it? The Boston fern ( Nephrolepis exaltata is a bit of a show-off that will make a statement in any room, with leaflets on either side of its lance-shaped light green arching or drooping fronds, which can grow up to 90cm long. Light or shade? Bright, indirect light. Where should I put it? Create drama by suspending it in a hanging basket near an east- or north-facing window. How do I keep it alive? Water weekly to ensure the soil is moist and never completely dries out. When it comes to sun, they are versatile and happy in bright, indirect light to slight shade, which means you can place them in most positions around the home. The only thing to avoid is strong, direct sunlight, which will dry out the fronds. They like a warm environment, so keep the room at roughly 15-21C and don’t let it fall below 10C. All ferns require high humidity, so mist frequently or place on a wet, pebble-filled dish. Did you know… There are more than 50 cultivars of this species of plant. In Hawaii, they have many traditional uses for the Boston fern, from medicinal to symbolic and in fashion. The foliage on ferns is called fronds, not leaves.