Television What’s On

Pick of the day Anton & Giovanni’s Adventures in Sicily 9pm, BBC One Giovanni Pernice saying “Lovely jubbly!” in his thick Sicilian tones as he pours a cuppa. Anton Du Beke trying to explain what “budgie smugglers” are. Lots of Steps choreography. There are too many oddly golden moments to mention in the first episode of the dancers’ utterly charming road trip. The first stop is in Agrigento, home of the Valley of the Temples, where all that’s left to do in an empty ancient theatre is … dance. HR The Holy Land and Us: Our Untold Stories 9pm, BBC Two Rob Rinder and Sarah Agha trace their respective Jewish and Palestinian family histories in the conclusion of this strictly impartial series, marking 75 years since the establishment of the state of Israel and the Nakba that displaced Palestinian Arabs. Rinder visits a kibbutz where a relative who survived the Holocaust lived, while Agha sees the site of the village where her family lived until they were forced to flee. DNA Journey 9pm, ITV1 In another outing of the Who Do You Think You Are-style series, Line of Duty stars and near-lifelong friends Neil Morrissey and Adrian Dunbar have their roots poked and their DNA prodded. Long-lost cousins and family secrets await, including vice-driven ancestors – and a whole lot of Ireland in the blood. Ali Catterall The Diplomat 9pm, Alibi Glossy Barcelona life is shaken when a child is abducted in plain sight, but it’s not easy to bring a case when it is so complicated and the media are on the warpath. Meanwhile, Laura’s long-distance boyfriend lands himself a job in New York. Will she give up the work she loves to follow him across the Atlantic?