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Countered Terrorism Audible, episodes weekly The verdict on David Harewood’s portrayal of counter-terrorists in Homeland and Spooks? “Oversimplifies reality,” according to the actor himself in this behind-the-scenes look at foiled terror plots. As FBI agents take you inside their disruption of an Islamic terror cell and ex-IRA operatives talk of their attempt to bomb London’s power stations, the gravitas of Harewood’s narration lends even more drama to their tales. Alexi Duggins Pop Culture With Chanté Joseph Widely available, episodes weekly The Guardian’s chatty, insightful podcast about the hottest weekly topics in the world of pop culture returns for a second series. It’s the same engaging, informative look at what everyone’s talking about, with its first episode asking: “Have film awards become a bit rubbish and outdated?” Lots of irreverent fun. AD Holy Week Widely available, episodes weekly “Grief can have a way of warping the historical lens, trapping us in a moment,” says the Atlantic’s Vann R Newkirk II. Which is why his podcast about the week of unrest that followed the assassination of Martin Luther King (pictured right) is so important. Newkirk gives a strong flavour of the mood of 1968, followed by despair and rage. Hannah Verdier 900 Degrees Widely available, episodes weekly Fifty-six people died in a fire at Bradford City football stadium in 1985, but the aftermath of the tragedy left many questions unanswered. In this moving and powerful podcast, journalist Mobeen Azhar tells the story, with eyewitnesses who describe how the happy carnival atmosphere of the last match of the season against Lincoln City turned into horrific scenes. HV Time With Mr Reed All episodes widely available now How far would you go for the chance to have a baby? When Reed Domingo ran up a quarter of a million dollars in IVF bills, he decided to rob 12 banks in San Diego. “I did it all for love,” says the boarding school-educated Englishman turned unlikely antihero, who tells the pleasingly twisty tale in his own words. HV