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The Russell Murders: Who Killed Lin and Megan? 9pm, Sky Documentaries Bali 2002


In 1996, Lin Russell and her sixyear-old

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daughter were murdered in a wood on the walk home from a swimming gala – miraculously, her other daughter survived. Michael Stone was convicted but he continues to appeal due to lack of physical evidence. This three-part documentary revisits the complex, horrific case. HR

10.45pm, ITV1

The Australian miniseries takes a step back from the horror of the 2002 terrorist attack to detail the heroism of plastic surgeon Fiona Wood (Rachel Griffiths). While the police investigation continues in Bali, at Royal Perth Hospital Dr Wood uses her innovative “spray-on skin” to treat burns patients. EEJ

bad reaction to his boyfriend’s declaration of love and his mother’s overbearing self-indulgence. HR

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