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Chris Packham: Is It Time to Break the Law?


9pm, Channel 4

“I’ve always been terrified of prisons,” Chris Packham – touted as the next David Attenborough – recently told this paper, “[but] it would send a message, the whole Mandela thing.” In this pressing documentary he asks if it is ethically OK to break the law to protest against government policies on the climate crisis. Andreas Malm is just one radical environmentalist with whom he speaks. HR

Geordie Hospital 8pm, Channel 4

More life-saving surgery and assorted daily miracles performed by the NHS in the north-east of England. This week, a leg is saved with a metal frame; a patient’s brain is temporarily “switched off”; and with the hospital roasting on the hottest day of the year, Pauline the housekeeper has a cool hack to lower the temperature. AC

Celebrity Race Across the World 9pm, BBC One

Postponed from last week, here’s the start of the first celebrity version of the well-loved adventure show. Melanie Blatt, Harry Judd, Alex Beresford and Billy Monger are your four stars dragging their optimistic family members on a 10,000km race from Marrakech to Tromsø.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks 9pm, Sky Max

It doesn’t try to have the same edge as the old BBC version, but this Greg Davies reboot of the

Sex Rated 10pm, E4

Gird your loins. Nothing is off limits in Rylan and “shagony aunt” Ruby Rare’s new show about kinky singletons who join their exes to debrief their sex lives. First up, a musician who claims his magic hands work wonders, and a parttime witch whose sex life is going through a dry spell.

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