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Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs


8.30pm, ITV1

A dangerously overweight beagle/ basset hound cross needs to shed the pounds, while an elderly chihuahua with cataracts has to be coaxed to give a pee sample. “I’ve got to get a proper job, like something on the Orient Express,” says O’Grady, as he rolls around the floor in a play-tunnel. No need: the animals clearly adored him.

Taskmaster 9pm, Channel 4

Sometimes a formula isn’t a bad thing. Taskmaster is a perfect example – as the show’s 16th season (in eight years!) begins, its return feels as comforting as an old winter sweater. Greg Davies and Alex Horne are joined by

Julian Clary, Susan Wokoma, Lucy Beaumont, Sam Campbell and Sue Perkins. This week: peas, ducks and blindfolds. Business as usual.

The TikTok Effect 9pm, BBC Three

TikTok has more than a billion monthly global users and its influence is way more than just cute dog and Taylor Swift videos. In this alarming documentary, the BBC’s disinformation and social media correspondent, Marianna Spring, speaks with insiders to investigate how the platform’s “frenzies” have triggered social movements and even riots.

The Lovers

9pm, Sky Atlantic

After catching her boyfriend Seamus rolling around on the streets of Belfast with a woman she’s never seen before (Janet), Frankie ends up whisking them both away for the night. Is that as catastrophic as it seems? Somehow, the trio end up becoming friends.

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