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What’s the best thing about being a film critic? You get to see everything. What’s the worst thing? You get to see everything, including films that, under other circumstances, you wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot plague pole. Movies such as Entourage, far and away the worst film of the past 10 years. While self-appointed moral guardians may tell you that violent horror movies are wicked and corrupting, this hatefully unfunny big-screen spin-off from the popular TV series represents everything that is most morally bankrupt about modern cinema. A soul-scraping orgy of “bros-before-hoes” cliche, it’s a hellscape of pornographic consumerist vulgarity that makes look like a Marxist tract. As I said in my original one-star Observer review, The Human Centipede was more sensitively attuned to issues of gender politics, had better jokes, and didn’t feature a cameo appearance by Piers Morgan.