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Azed No. 2,648 Plain


1 Banter alongside pig’s carcase, something

used in preparing fodder (11)

11 Approach nurse about place of higher

education (5)

12 Toxic substance from timber, mostly

sandarac, brought westwards (7)

13 Genetic sequence, inflexible, not

shortened inside (6)

15 Smallest part of gene that can change

back insect’s dorsal surface (5)

16 Like a type of butterfly that is clear within

wood (9)

17 US sub a bog scuppered within hellish

depths (7)

21 It’s describing e.g. reasoning aright about

what’ll make harp go wrong (13)

24 Church shelf to let, not new (7)

26 Least favourable wear Scots disposed

of (9)

29 Source of many good tunes playwright

takes to heart? (5)

30 Pennon’s opening working guard’s about

to hoist (6)

31 Uniform stupid fellow reversed in

behind (7)

32 Old avenue I omitted in excursion that’s

over (5)

33 US highways a tree’s tints dappled (11)


1 What’ll give computer buyer a sneak

preview? A crew’s deployed to limit fret (11) 2 Beefcake identifying aim in Hollywood? (4) 3 One touch that helps to counter gravity’s

effects (5)

4 Feature of steam loco to repair, bore when

going wrong inside (7)

5 Symbol first to last displaying parts of

ventricle (4)

6 Top wore out in part of breakdown

kit (7, 2 words)

7 Medicine acceptable for interrupting

spasm? (5)

8 Allowance rarely in dotage a don’s

forgone? (5)

9 Principal left to do up around course (7)

10 Vatican treasurers working longer put in

some lead for stained-glass windows (11) 14 Containers for travel kit, dad’s, involving

rising cost (7)

18 Product of bonding that could make one

moonier (7)

19 Some monocotyledons, a group bordering

river (7)

20 Intestinal parasites? Helper, fit, turning up

with one inside (7)

22 After time millet will display such ear

growths (5)

23 Wader? Tons may be seen in alluvial

sediment (5)

25 Broken with run in spurt (5)

27 Chief points to suspect pocketing

money (4)

28 Wicket once bagged by googly, a teaser (4)

The Chambers Dictionary (2016) is recommended.

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