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Pick of the Day


Race Across the World BBC One, 9pm

Back for a third series, this time five teams set off on an adventure across Canada. They must visit seven checkpoints and tackle set tasks as they make the journey from Vancouver to the most easterly town in North America, St John’s. The catch? They have no smartphones, internet or credit cards, and only a small wad of cash. This week, the journey gets off to a slow start as best mates Tricia and Cathie (below) struggle to leave the starting point of Stanley Park.

The Bay ITV1, 9pm

As the investigation into the horrific arson murder of poor Mrs Metcalf progresses, her grieving children struggle with the fallout. Meanwhile DS Townsend (Marsha Thomason) is collecting shifty suspects like so many barnacles on the groynes of Morecambe beach. But how to sort the flotsam from the jetsam? Ellen E Jones

Django Sky Atlantic, 9pm

The heavy use of flashback can drag a drama down, but this week the western spin-off does at least dig to the core of Sarah (Lisa Vicari) and her brutal past. Django (Matthias Schoenaerts), meanwhile, is entangling himself with racist mercenaries who will, in the drama’s present day, come back to haunt him.